Stop Making Fear Based Decisions!

Stop Making Fear Based Decisions!

04 March, 2016

Stop Making Fear Based Decisions!
By Motivational Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic

We make around 35,000 decisions every single day! Lot of these are subconscious decisions we are not even aware of. But if we are functioning in fear many of these decisions (including those that are subconscious) will be wrong decisions. Fear as a driver in your life can seriously and negatively effect your life, or at the very least it will HOLD YOU BACK from reaching your full potential! You need to stop making fear based decisions and START LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Reach your potential and any goal by freeing yourself and crushing fear! Below are some tips to make that happen!


Learn who you are- We are constantly bombarded by the vast amount of information. And I don’t mean the most obvious things like, tv, magazines, music, etc. But also things like people around us and subliminal messages we receive regularly from people around us. All of these influence what we think and do. Sadly, in the society that concentrate mostly on negative news and so many uncertainties — we produce more and more fear — wether we realize it or not. This then changes our decisions and essentially who we REALLY are. To learn who you are you have to UNPLUG from the noise and get to know the real you. You just might be surprised what you find!

AsK why - Have you ever wondered why you do certain things? Or why you do anything? Because we are exposed to so many outside influences in this world of too much information, we get overwhelmed and set to auto-pilot because that means things will stay the same and we can at least predict what will happen for the most part. Get your self off of the auto-pilot and ask yourself – WHY?

Long Term Goals - I feel pretty confident saying that every wrong decision you ever made was a short term decision! When we are in fear (whether we realize it or not) we want that fear to go away. And we want it gone NOW. So we will make decisions that will benefit us in the short term — but in the long run…..hhhmmm….that may be a different story. So when you making a decision, stop for a moment and think about long term consequences of that decisions before you act! 

Learn - Because we are living in a world of too much information and are constantly bombarded with new things that we haven’t had the time to process, it’s very easy to “play it safe” and start making fear based decisions. But the best way to conquer fear is KNOWLEDGE! And if something scares you or you need to make a decisions about something — learn about it. Educate yourself and the fear will magically float away! 

LOVE YOURSELF – This is particularly hard. But you have to understand that people are NOT better or worse than you or anyone else. They are all just different. Stop comparing yourself and try to fit into any mold. YOU are what makes YOU SPECIAL. Be ok with it and don’t feel the need to justify it to anyone.

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