Solving Big Problems One Bite at a Time

Solving Big Problems One Bite at a Time

12 June, 2015

Solving Big Problems One Bite at a Time
By Motivational Speaker Maja Kazazic

In my life and career, one thing is certain – I’ve never taken the ‘easy route’. Mostly because many ‘routes’ were chosen for me. Survival. Surgeries. Separation. Then growth. Finding my stride. Developing businesses. Creating the messages I could bring to the world. The thing is, honestly, looking back, I’m not sure it could have been any other way.
What I am sure of is that it reminds me of that old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Because when things are TOO BIG. Whether that’s a goal, a problem, a challenge, and obstacle, or a choice – as human beings our first reaction is to shut down. Ignore it. Hope it goes away. Hope it resolves itself. And that’s fine – really – if all you want is to sit on the sidelines of your life and never get to the really good stuff. That’s not me – and I hope it’s not you either. So here’s what I do: I break it down. Whatever “IT” is at the time, I break it down into manageable size pieces so that I can take each little piece, resolve it, then move to the next. Before you know it – you’re halfway to the finish line – and then a little more and then you’re done. It’s that way with just about everything when you think about it. In life there will always be hurdles. But if you take each one – turn it upside down and sideways and look for the opportunities, and how you can tackle it one ‘bite’ at a time, they sure seem a lot easier to accomplish.

The alternative? Is to get so wrapped up in worry, or fear, or that paralyzing feeling of overwhelm that you can’t move forward.
And life is too precious for that. One bite at a time though? You can handle just about anything.

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