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Stop Making Fear Based Decisions!

04 March, 2016 , Author : admin

Stop Making Fear Based Decisions! By Motivational Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic We make around 35,000 decisions every single day! Lot of these are subconscious decisions we are not even aware of. But if we are functioning in fear many of these decisions (including those that are subconscious) will be wrong decisions. Fear as a driver in your life can seriously and negatively effect your life, or at the very least it will HOLD YOU BACK from reaching your full potential! You need to stop making fear based decisions and START LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Reach your po ...Continue reading

Four Key Characteristics of Great Leadership

07 October, 2015 , Author : admin
leader standing on cliff over the ocean

Four Key Characteristics of Great Leadership It’s Not About Position or Personality By Motivational Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic In today’s world? It doesn’t matter whether you are answering phones or sitting in a corner office directing a company – EVERYONE who is eager to succeed needs to hone their leadership skills. Leading isn’t just about what you do for a living, it’s about the integrity with which you live. It’s about the ability to move people forward and help create consensus among your peers. It’s about raising the bar for your ...Continue reading

Change — do we really fear change ?

29 September, 2015 , Author : admin

Do we really fear change or is something else the culprit? By Maja Kazazic - Motivational Keynote Speaker on Change  Every business and corporation are struggling with "change". There are millions of books and speakers out there talking about change and how to manage it. How to accept it! All this has helped to fuel a myth that people hate change, that they are resistant to change. This is absolutely NOT the case. WE LOVE CHANGE! But there is something else that we do fear. Something that hides behind change and gives change a bad name! W ...Continue reading

Common Ground

02 July, 2015 , Author : admin

Common Ground How Life Sends Little Lessons Your Way By Motivational Speaker Maja Kazazic Recently, I was asked to take some promotional photographs for some upcoming marketing campaigns. There I was all dressed in my best, and ready to rock and roll through the photography session. Then, as Murphy’s Law would have it, there was a scheduling problem with my photographer, and instead he sent a fellow friend and photographer to conduct the shoot. Imagine my surprise when in he walked with his beautiful companion dog – who, like me, is an amputee. Can I just t ...Continue reading

Solving Big Problems One Bite at a Time

12 June, 2015 , Author : admin

Solving Big Problems One Bite at a Time By Motivational Speaker Maja Kazazic In my life and career, one thing is certain – I’ve never taken the ‘easy route’. Mostly because many ‘routes’ were chosen for me. Survival. Surgeries. Separation. Then growth. Finding my stride. Developing businesses. Creating the messages I could bring to the world. The thing is, honestly, looking back, I’m not sure it could have been any other way. What I am sure of is that it reminds me of that old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Because ...Continue reading

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