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Business Innovation

05 April, 2017 , Author : admin

Regardless if you are running a small or large company you need innovation to keep your business running. More importantly, if you want your business to boom innovation has to be at a forefront of your business strategy. Primes example is Blockbuster video store. While they survived switch from VHS to DVD they failed to innovate which left them in the dust closing hundreds of stores and paying off huge debts. Now they are struggling to survive instead of being at a forefront of their industry. Blockbuster is not the only company that had this issues — many others had or are still having t ...Continue reading

How to be happy

05 April, 2017 , Author : admin

How to be happy — from the happiest person on Earth!  The largest private Korean TV Station (KBN) and the largest private Polish Television station (TVN) scoured the world and have determined that I am the happiest person on Earth. They wanted to do a show on the happiest person on Earth and they decided I was it! I remember getting those calls and thinking: “Really, that’s it? Out of the entire world you have chosen me to be THE representative of happiness?” Hmmmm…..ok I’ll go along……despite all the shitty things that happened to me, like going through a genocide, ...Continue reading

Number One Issues Businesses and Corporations Face

27 March, 2017 , Author : admin

Number One Issues Businesses and Corporations Face  by Motivational Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic Recently I was reading an article about top 10 issues businesses and corporations face. So I decided to do a little research on my own to find out — what are the top 10 issues? As I kept searching, all of the standard issues kept coming up….uncertainty, globalization, innovation, regulation, technology, diversity, supply chains, etc. But in my mind, these are merely obstacles which we can easily overcome. I believe all businesses and corporations face only ONE ...Continue reading

Manipulation and Decision Making

27 March, 2017 , Author : admin

Manipulation and Decision Making By Motivational Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic Manipulation is all around us, and we all manipulate in some ways with pretense notion of “we know better”. Many times, these tiny bits of healthy manipulation are ok, but there are times, when manipulation crosses a boundary and creates major problems and often health issues. Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you are agreeing or disagreeing to go along with something but your gut feeling is telling you otherwise? Your gut, or “second brain” as it’s often c ...Continue reading

Maja and Rosie on Bay News 9

21 March, 2017 , Author : admin

Bay News 9 Reports 

Recently, Maja and Rosie the Great Dane have been interviewed by Bay News 9. Their special bond has been capturing the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. Stay tuned for more Maja and Rosie adventures!

Click here to check out footage from Bay News 9 Directly.

Or you can v ...Continue reading

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