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Keynote Speaker. Entrepreneur. Solution Finder. Strategist. Survivor. Maja Kazazic.With an indomitable spirit and the real-world strategies that both captivate audiences and give how-to solutions they need to create lasting, positive change in their lives Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic is unforgettable. She delivers her message – YOUR message – with the right blend of humor, insight,courage, and relatability that will have your audience members raising their hands, and mindsets saying, “I can do that!”

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Her most requested topics are:

  • LEADERSHIP:Mastering Big Picture Vision and Everyday MomentumIn today’s world? Leaders often feel they have to be all things to all people. They have to have the 30,000 foot scope of the organization’s goals AND the skills to steer their teams to success in the day-to-day.

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  • CHANGE:Breaking Free From the Fear, Embracing the EvolutionThey say the only constant in the world is change, but mastering it, embracing it, letting go of the fear of it is no simple task for most people. And that? Leaves them often stuck in ruts without direction or momentum.

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  • Sales:Building Relationships, Presenting to Personalities, Capturing Your Own ConfidenceGone are the old tips and tricks for manipulative salesmanship. Today’s consumers expect and deserve sales professionals who have mastered more than just their craft. They are relationship builders, personality profilers, service superstars – and they have the confidence to do their jobs with pride.

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  • Growth:Pushing Yourself & Your Business Beyond BoundariesChange is one of the most resisted factors in human nature. We rail against it. Fear it. Close ourselves off to it. Yet, change, in all its resilience is the open door to new opportunities, big goal wins, and a more rewarding life.

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