• Pushing Yourself & Your Business Beyond Boundaries

    Change is one of the most resisted factors in human nature. We rail against it. Fear it. Close ourselves off to it. Yet, change, in all its resilience is the open door to new opportunities, big goal wins, and a more rewarding life.

    In this empowering session, Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic shares the science behind getting past the fear and I can’t conversations to share how to…

  • Train your mind to harness change like a top athlete
  • Remove the obstacles and doubt that keep you rooted in old ways, habits, and results
  • Get ‘hooked’ on rewards of overcoming obstacles and realizing new goals
  • Learn to future-pace your personal story so that your mind does most of the work
  • Successfully adapt to any change that comes your way with confidence

If you’re ready to create a culture where changes is celebrated, and forward momentum fasttracked, invite Maja in for your next event. She is the epitome of ‘anything’s possible’ and she’s share the tools and traction it takes to develop that same mindset and skill set in your organization!

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