Four Key Characteristics of Great Leadership

Four Key Characteristics of Great Leadership

07 October, 2015
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Four Key Characteristics of Great Leadership
It’s Not About Position or Personality
By Motivational Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic

In today’s world? It doesn’t matter whether you are answering phones or sitting in a corner office directing a company – EVERYONE who is eager to succeed needs to hone their leadership skills. Leading isn’t just about what you do for a living, it’s about the integrity with which you live. It’s about the ability to move people forward and help create consensus among your peers. It’s about raising the bar for yourself, your business, and your profession. When that happens – everyone wins.

To be a great leader you need four key characteristics:

Self-discipline. That whole lead by example thing is real. People watch what we do, listen to what we say, and often times model our behavior. As yourself, when you look around the people that you work with, what would their impression be of the way you present yourself? Leader or follower? Someone to trust or be leery of? Someone who’s courageous enough to share ideas or whose opinions go unspoken? Someone who treats others fairly or one who does not? Our character shines through in all that we do, be sure to discipline yourself to always put your best foot forward.

Common goals and common ‘enemies’. The truth is competition is good for business. So having goals is a powerful way to reach for new levels of success. Don’t discount common ‘enemies’ or competitors though. When two companies are rivals – and both have teams with their “eyes on the prize” – it elevates the cohesiveness of the team and everyone performs at a higher level.

The ability to deliver tools and remove obstacles. Being a great leader means you go the extra steps and help to find the tools and strategies your team needs to be more successful and productive at what they do. It also means helping to remove the obstacles that can hinder progress. That often takes some outside of the box thinking and doing your homework – but it’s so worth it.

The ability to let others own their work. Sometimes leaders get caught up in the power struggle for a project, or product. They hang on to that control so tight that it keeps everyone else on the sidelines and not at all engaged in the outcome. They start to take the, “why should I, he or she will handle it” approach. When you allow everyone to take ownership and pride in their piece of the puzzle, everyone steps up to do their best. Let go a little. Your team will be better for it.

We’re fortunate to live in a world where we can learn 24/7 just by typing some words into a web search. We can find leaders to inspire us, motivate us, and who’ve already shared some of the best how-to’s in the world for developing skills and strategies. My challenge to you is to find three new leadership ideas that you can implement this month and start fine-tuning your skills. Lead on!

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