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Teachers across the country have been including Maja’s story in their curriculum for over ten years. They’ve seen first hand the teaching and healing power of sharing stories.

After learning about Maja’s story, students often begin to share their own stories. Stories about challenges in their own lives, stories that bring teachers and their students closer and enrich the classroom for the rest of the year.

Download the Maja unit

Now available at no cost, Maja has developed enhanced units for elementary and secondary schools that allows her to get closer to your students and breathe life into her story. The curriculum includes an opportunity for your students to contribute to One Story One World through homework assignments and the creation of a survivors’ memorial.

For a limited time, and subject to availability, Maja is also available to speak to your students directly via webcast. Your students will have the opportunity to speak with Maja and ask whatever questions they may have about her life and her experiences. This interaction will enrich the unit and make it a valued addition to your curriculum year after year.

Read Maja’s Story

Any student who reads Maja’s story can’t help but be inspired by her drive and determination to reconstruct a new life for her and her family. Read her story, written in her own words, to get a sense of what this young woman has overcome.

Maja’s recent adventures with Winter the dolphin, at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, bring a smile to everyone’s face. Read the Reader’s Digest article about Maja’s swim with Winter the dolphin.

Watch videos

Reading stories is insightful, but there is something about hearing a story being told. Maja’s story contains many elements and she tells them with a compelling, quiet intensity in this collection of videos. FoxNews covered Maja’s swim with Winter the dolphin, watch it here to see a friendship being formed!

Secondary Curriculum Unit Download

We’re very proud of our newly revised curriculum units. We’ve heard exciting stories from teachers across the country that have added Maja’s Story to their lesson plan. There are two different units available for download.

Maja’s Story – A Memorial

Purpose: The phrase “Never Again,” is often used when speaking about genocide. Although this goal has yet to be reached, one way to pursue it is to create powerful memorial museums to keep the stories alive.
Level: Secondary
Subject: Social Studies
Download Curriculum

Maja’s Story – Letter to Maja

Purpose: Many students have difficulty relating to or making sense of issues like war and genocide that seem so distant from their own lives. Establishing a connection with the story of one person establishes empathy and ignites curiosity about the events. Maja’s Story is an excellent introduction to any issue of war or genocide but is of course particularly suited to begin study of the events she experienced firsthand – war in Bosnia. Her story can also be used in a more general way in writing classes or to help at risk students open up about their own experiences.
Level: Secondary
Subject: Social Studies, Writing
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