Common Ground

Common Ground

02 July, 2015

Common Ground
How Life Sends Little Lessons Your Way

By Motivational Speaker Maja Kazazic

Recently, I was asked to take some promotional photographs for some upcoming marketing campaigns. There I was all dressed in my best, and ready to rock and roll through the photography session. Then, as Murphy’s Law would have it, there was a scheduling problem with my photographer, and instead he sent a fellow friend and photographer to conduct the shoot. Imagine my surprise when in he walked with his beautiful companion dog – who, like me, is an amputee. Can I just tell you how cool that was? I was so excited I shared the picture with a friend of mine who just happened to be visiting her brother who just HAPPENED to have a dog that was also an amputee.

And they were awesome. Full of life. Not slowed down a bit. Raring to go. Happy and healthy. It’s funny how life throws you little surprises sometimes isn’t it? While I’ve had my fair share of surprises of the unpleasant variety – this pup was the kind that can make your day. It gives you a chance to look around. Find common ground. See things from a new perspective. Be thankful for what you have.

Everyone has trials and trip-ups. Everyone has obstacles and challenges. Everyone has history – AND a future. It’s what we do with all of it that counts. How we handle things at the worst of it, and how humble we are at the best of it. Truly it all comes down to the choices we make and whether we ACT or REACT to what comes our way.

I’ve had those choices – haven’t we all? Choose to feel sorry, stay broken – or choose to see greatness and find role models to follow. To learn from. To grow from. My goal? To be that person for others now. To share experiences and strategies and lessons that can take people from ‘just all right’ to ‘couldn’t be better’. I hope to see you on the journey.

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