Change — do we really fear change ?

Change — do we really fear change ?

29 September, 2015

Do we really fear change or is something else the culprit?

By Maja Kazazic – Motivational Keynote Speaker on Change 

Every business and corporation are struggling with “change”. There are millions of books and speakers out there talking about change and how to manage it. How to accept it! All this has helped to fuel a myth that people hate change, that they are resistant to change.

This is absolutely NOT the case. WE LOVE CHANGE! But there is something else that we do fear. Something that hides behind change and gives change a bad name!

Watch this short, 2 minute, video about change and find out what the culprit is.

Find out what is it that we fear and how to beat with 3 simple questions.

After watching this video, you and your team will learn to look at change differently and will welcome it, not fear it! Because WE LOVE CHANGE!

Change Video (2min)
Don’t fear change!

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