Keynote Speaker. Entrepreneur. Solution Finder. Strategist. Survivor. Maja Kazazic.

When what you want for your team is: Cooperation. Cohesiveness. Producers at the top of their game. A culture of creativity. A powerful group of problem solvers. And an unstoppable momentum -- then hire Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic to speak at your next event. She doesn’t just inspire – she has the ability to move everyone in your organization – from those on the front line to the ones in the corner office to be more Resilient. Courageous. Forward Thinking. Open-minded. Focused. Barrier-Free. And Ready for ANYTHING.

With a history of defying the odds, a passion for building and fueling greatness, and a gift for moving people to take positive, empowered, long-lasting change in their lives and careers – she’ll be the kind of speaker your team will stand up and thank you for.

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04 Mar 2016

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Stop Making Fear Based Decisions! By Motivational Keynote Speaker Maja Kazazic We make around 35,000 decisions every single day! Lot of these are subconscious decisions we are not even aware of. But if we are functioning in fear

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